The Effect of Higher Order Thinking Skills (Hots) Learning and Learning Motivation on Student Learning Outcomes


  • Bambang Siswanto
  • Achmad Noor Fatirul
  • Djoko Adi Waluyo



HOTS, motivation, learning achievement, expository


This study aims to describe or determine the difference between HOTS learning and expository learning in improving student learning outcomes, to determine the difference between high and low motivation on learning outcomes, and to describe the interaction between learning methods and learning motivation on student achievement. Higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) are essential things and are now a critical issue in education. Learning development oriented to HOTS is a program developed as an effort of the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel (DITJEN GTK) to improve the quality of learning and graduates. Motivation is also critical in managing students’ interactions in learning. The results showed that HOTS learning effectively improved students’ achievement in mathematics. It is known from the significance score of learning at the SPSS output of the 2-way ANOVA test. The score is 0.000 < 0.05, which indicates a different achievement of the two types of learning. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the two learnings can be derived from descriptive statistics, which indicates that students with HOTS learning have higher achievement than students with expository learning. High learning motivation also affects student achievement. The SPSS output resulted in a significance score of 0.018 < 0.05. It indicates that there is a difference in achievement between students who have high learning motivation and students who have low learning motivation. The descriptive statistics also confirm that students with high learning motivation have better achievement than those with low learning motivation. In addition, the interaction between learning and learning motivation to improve student achievement was absent, as it was indicated by the SPSS output in the motivation and learning line; the significance score was 0.466, which is greater than 0.05.




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Siswanto, B., Fatirul, A. N. ., & Waluyo, D. A. (2022). The Effect of Higher Order Thinking Skills (Hots) Learning and Learning Motivation on Student Learning Outcomes. AMCA Journal of Education and Behavioral Change, 2(2), 57–63.