The speech acts of consumers' complaining and sellers' responses on the review page of the e-commerce platforms


  • Emier Abdul Fiqih Indonesia University of Education, Bandung
  • Dadang Sudana



Complaint, E-commerce Platform, Review Page, Speech Act


The study aims  to investigate the speech act of complaint that is realized by costumers on review page of the e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. This study uses speech acts of complaint categorized by Trosborg and aspects of perlocutionary acts by Leech. The object studied are negative reviews found on the review pages of the e-commerce platforms which is analyzed by using a descriptive qualitative research. The results showed that Annoyances is the most realized and Explicit blame (person) is the least realized speech act of complaint from customers. Also, the respond from seller tends to bring hearer to know as the most realized perlocutionary acts.




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Fiqih , E. A., & Sudana, D. (2022). The speech acts of consumers’ complaining and sellers’ responses on the review page of the e-commerce platforms. AMCA Journal of Science and Technology, 2(1), 14–17.