Conversational Cohesion in Students’ WhatsApp Chat within Online EFL Learning


  • Naela Hidayatul Mukaromah Postgraduate Program, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
  • Sri Wuli Fitriati
  • Zulfa Sakhiyya



Cohesion, Conversation, Online Learning, WhatsApp Chat


The pandemic of COVID-19 has shifted physical learning mode into online learning. The phenomena led communication technology to assist the implementation of online learning. For some reasons, WhatsApp Messenger becomes a commonly-used technology to discuss learning materials. However, the flow of students’ conversation or discussion via WhatsApp chat rose a problem of text relation in creating meaningful conversation. The analysis of conversational cohesion, thus, needs to be taken into account. This study aims at analyzing conversational cohesion on students’ written chat in WhatsApp group within online EFL learning in Indonesia. Two series of students’ conversation in WhatsApp group became the research object. The study found that students’ written chat applied all types of cohesive devices appropriately; either grammatical or lexical cohesion. Meanwhile, the distribution of appearance for each type differs one another. Reference obtains the most occurrence in the conversation while lexical cohesion is the most rarely applied. It is highly expected that future research may pay attention to the realization of students’ conversational cohesion in any sorts of technologies as learning media for students in various educational levels or grades.  




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Mukaromah, N. H. ., Fitriati, S. W., & Sakhiyya, Z. . (2022). Conversational Cohesion in Students’ WhatsApp Chat within Online EFL Learning. AMCA Journal of Science and Technology, 2(1), 18–23.