Current Social Studies Learning: Technology-Based Learning Media for Character Education


  • Suharsiwi Suharsiwi Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Usmiyatun Usmiyatun Universitas Terbuka Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Siddique university of education, Lahore, Pakistan



character education, professional teachers, social studies, technology


Technology-based learning mediums should include character education to ensure that students' character and technical and academic skills are built. Character education in technology-based learning media will improve students' learning experiences, promote a holistic understanding, and produce a moral generation. This article focuses on optimizing the use of technology-based learning media as a contemporary learning tool for professional social studies teachers, its use in implementing student character education, and its role and challenges in using it. This qualitative descriptive employs a literature study to gather academic data on "Optimal Utilisation of Technology-Based Learning Media in Contemporary Social Sciences Education for Character Development Towards Society 5.0." Scopus-indexed 2013–2023 academic publications were used for the literature analysis. This study technique synthesizes and analyses literature to determine how technology-based learning media are employed in character education in current social studies education and how to prepare students for society. 5.0. This research examines how professional social studies teachers advance national education, how technology-based learning media can create a character-based, moral, and culturally rich educational environment that maintains and expands local cultural wisdom in students' character education, and how professional social studies instructors use technology-based learning media to develop students. Full discussion in this article. Teacher information and technology literacy are needed to implement technology-based learning and address social issues. 5.0. Instilling active, creative, inventive, and critical thinkers requires a learner-centered strategy and effective instruction.




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Suharsiwi, S., Usmiyatun, U., & Siddique, M. (2023). Current Social Studies Learning: Technology-Based Learning Media for Character Education. AMCA Journal of Science and Technology, 3(2), 61–67.