AMCA Journal of Education and Behavioral Change <p><strong>AMCA Journal of Education &amp; Behavioral Change</strong> (<strong>AJEB</strong>) is an official international journal published by the Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA) that emphasizes the study and implications of education and the process of behaviour change. This journal aims to provide the publication of high-quality reference papers in the field of education. Contributions are received from all relevant and insightful areas of behavior change. <strong>AJEB</strong> is issued twice a year (April and October). The journal is published in the online version, is free access and download. </p> <p><a><span class="blockTitle">e-ISSN</span></a><a><span class="blockTitle"> 2776-1185</span></a></p> AMCA en-US AMCA Journal of Education and Behavioral Change 2776-1185 Students’ Misconception and Errors in Solving Relations and Functions Problems <p>The objectives of this present research are as follows: 1) to analyze students' errors in solving the relations and functions problems, and 2) to describe students' misconceptions of the relations and functions materials. A descriptive qualitative approach was adopted. The data source was 23 students of the grade VIII-A MTs Muhammadiyah Malang Indonesia. The data investigated were the students’ errors and misconceptions of the Relations and Functions materials.&nbsp;&nbsp; In this research, the subjects were determined using a purposive technique where 6 students were chosen. They were divided into three categories, namely students with high, low, and low abilities, where each category consists of two students. Two techniques of data collection were employed:&nbsp; 1) administration of written tests to students; and 2) interviews. The technique used in the data analysis was Miles and Huberman’s model analysis. The research results showed that: 1) the subjects with high ability less properly stated a relation or a function in the form of an arrow diagram and demonstrated some misconceptions in giving examples of functions and non-function; 2) the subjects with low ability less accurately proved a relation and a function in the form of an arrow diagram, did not state the form of a sequential pair and showed technical and principal errors. And 3) subjects with low ability had all types of errors.&nbsp;</p> Risqi Novita Sari Akhsanul In'am Copyright (c) 2021 Risqi Novita Sari, Akhsanul In'am 2021-10-30 2021-10-30 1 2 20 28 10.51773/ajeb.v1i2.96 The Use Of Internet-Based Dictionary In Reading Activity For English Language Education Department Students <p>Internet-based (online) dictionaries are virtual dictionaries that are now often used by people, especially students, to ease their reading activities. They tend to prefer online dictionaries more because of its efficiency and flexibility. Therefore, the researcher compiled this research to analyze the responses and reasons of online dictionary users for English Language Education Department (ELED) students at University of Muhammadiyah Malang. The researcher applied both qualitative and quantitative research method to observe the opinion of ELED students when using online dictionary in the reading activity. Therefore, she used questionnaires and interview sessions as instruments to get more depth information. The result of this study shows online dictionary is certainly the best media that makes ELED students effectively improve in reading activities. It gives the reasons why they prefer an online dictionary to ease their reading activities. Mainly it is because of its sophisticated features given by these online dictionaries. Yet, users need to give limits in their usage of online dictionaries to prevent them from being addicted to it. Using an online dictionary can also help develop their English reading skills.</p> Alimin Adi Waloyo Santi Prastiyowati Nihaya Rizki Pahlevi Copyright (c) 2021 Alimin Adi Waloyo, Santi Prastiyowati, Nihaya Rizki Pahlevi 2021-10-30 2021-10-30 1 2 29 36 10.51773/ajeb.v1i2.98 Enhancing Self -Esteem using Child Centered Play Therapy on Bullying Victims Children <p>Bullying regularly occurs within the school environment and has a serious impact on its victims. Children who receive repeated negative treatment can develop a psychological problem, which is low self-esteem, which causes children to withdraw from their social environment. This study aims to determine child-centered play therapy (CCPT) to increase self-esteem (bullying). The study design was an experimental pre-test post-test control group design. Subjects that participated in the study were 20 children victims of bullying with an age range of 9-11 years. The instrument used in this study was Rosenberg Self Esteem (RSE). The data analysis used non-parametric with Wilcoxon test and Mann Whitney test. The results showed that child-centered play therapy (CCPT) could enhance self-esteem in bullying victims' children.</p> Iswinarti Hani Khairunnisa Copyright (c) 2021 Iswinarti, Hani Khairunnisa 2021-10-30 2021-10-30 1 2 37 43 10.51773/ajeb.v1i2.97 The Improving the Psychological Well-being through Forgiveness Cyber-Counselling approach among pandemic covid-19 community <p>Public health status during the Covid-19 pandemic is quite concerning, while mental health services such as counseling require face-to-face meetings for 1-2 hours per session are risky to practices.&nbsp; Therefore cyber-therapy techniques are one of the psychological intervention approaches during the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the forgiveness cyber-counseling approach to improve community psychological well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study used a quasi-experimental design. The psychological well-being level was measured during pre-test, post-test, and follow-up. A total of five-person to be subject in this study. Subjects were selected using the purposive sampling technique based on inclusion criteria such as adolescents who were impacted by the covid-19 pandemic, have low psychological well-being were obtained by the Psychological Well-Being Scale, and signed a commitment to participate in the study. The results of this study indicate that the forgiveness of cyber-counseling to be effective in increasing the subject's psychological well-being. Finally, the study’s result recommended for counselors use the forgiveness cyber-counseling approach in dealing with public mental health problems during the Covid-19 pandemic.</p> Hafnidar Hafnidar Nursan Junita Hafidz Al Kaitsar Aidilof Copyright (c) 2021 Hafnidar Hafnidar 2021-10-30 2021-10-30 1 2 44 48 10.51773/ajeb.v1i2.93