Challenges for Pesantren in the Revolution Era of Society 5.0


  • Yusroful Kholili University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia



Pesantren, Society 5.0 era, Challenges


As the world is entering society 5.0 era, pesantren must be aware of its challenges to maintain its existence as the oldest educational institution. This study aims to determine the challenges faced by Islamic boarding schools in the era of community revolution 5.0. This research is preliminary qualitative research to analyze various literature on Islamic boarding schools’ crucial issues in society 5.0 era. The data obtained in the study were collected through documentation techniques which were then tested using source triangulation techniques. The data analysis was through three stages, namely data reduction, data display and conclusion. The results of this study indicate that Islamic boarding schools in the 5.0 era must face contemporary challenges that are in line with the development of science and technology, namely having the ability for morals implanting, technology-based pesantren systems, digital literacy and digital ethics. If this ability can be realized and developed, the pesantren’s existence can be maintained and accepted by the community 5.0.




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Kholili, Y. (2021). Challenges for Pesantren in the Revolution Era of Society 5.0. AMCA Journal of Religion and Society, 1(1), 8–12.