Human resources analysis related to employee engagement in Rizza Embroidery, Probolinggo City


  • Mohammad Dullah Zulifatul Zuhriyah Universitas Wisnuwardhana Malang
  • Rachma Yuliana
  • Zaenullah



Employee Engagement, Employee Role and Rizza Embroidery


Reliable and productive human resources have an important role for organizations or companies, especially in the era of 4.0 and digitalization in the business world, especially in employee engagement, where employees are the spearhead of the company. The aim of this study to see how the Employee Engagement at Rizza Embroidery Probolinggo. This research use descriptive qualitative research method. The results of the research from the human resource side show that Rizza Embroidery is very qualified because of  many employees who work all are experts (professionals) because they have  been working for many years, but this is a weak point for similar SMEs, especially Rizza Embroidery because after all the workforce These experts will be very prone to go out if there is something that might not make them comfortable being there. 2. From the sideEmployee Engagement a) Vigor: that the policy made by the management (Mrs. Yunan) to rest their employees during the day is an aspiration from the employee's proposal, of course this is welcomed so that during effective hours they can carry out activities optimally. 2) Dedication is a strong relationship between workers and what they do. Rizza Embroidery with 12 employees has a strong dedication to their work, this is because Embroidery is indeed a series of embroidery activities that can be done by experts, so that the average employee there is very dedicated. 3) Absoption: existing work activities at Rizza Embroidery often exceed the time limit set by the management from 07.00 to 17.00 .. Sometimes workers can arrive at night while doing work, this is certainly a note for management because after all all work must be assessed properly.




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Zulifatul Zuhriyah, M. D., Yuliana, R., & Zaenullah. (2022). Human resources analysis related to employee engagement in Rizza Embroidery, Probolinggo City. AMCA Journal of Community Development, 2(2), 68–74.