Curator's legal efforts in executing state-owned enterprise assets in bankruptcy


  • Rahayu Hartini



Curator, legal effort, executing, SOES assets, bankruptcy


The task of the Curator in Bankruptcy is to administer and settle the bankruptcy estate. It is also the curator who must carry out the execution of the bankrupt assets. In practice, it is not easy, and there are several obstacles faced, especially when the debtor in bankruptcy is a Limited Liability Company in the form of a State-Owned Enterprise Persero. Until now, there are no assets of BUMN PT Persero (in bankruptcy) that can be executed. The purpose of this study is to find out how the execution of assets of P.T. Kertas Leces Persero (in bankruptcy) and what the curator’s efforts are about it. The
research is juridical empirical. The results of the study show: There are two stages of asset execution— management and settlement of bankrupt assets. However, there are still obstacles, both internal and external, with considerable government intervention. The curator’s efforts to deal with these obstacles are by sending letters to all relevant agencies, taking an inventory of the assets and legal documents belonging to P.T. Kertas Leces Persero, which are needed in the process of executing the bankruptcy assets.




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Hartini, R. (2021). Curator’s legal efforts in executing state-owned enterprise assets in bankruptcy. AMCA Journal of Community Development, 1(2), 27–30.



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