Al-Fatihah-based discipline actualisation to shape the students' character: Case study at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Model Bojonegoro, Indonesia


  • Roli Abdul Rokhman
  • Akhsanul In'am
  • Ibnu Habibi



Discipline, Al-Fatihah, Madrasah, Characters, Students


This study aims to describe the formulation, application, and meaning of discipline based on Al-Fatihah to shape the students' character. This research is qualitative research with constructivism paradigm, adapting to the thinking of Thomas Kuhn, using the type of case study research. This type of case study research aims to obtain research results objectively and in-depth description and explanation. Collecting data about the understanding of research subjects on the actualisation of disciplines was done through interviews, document analysis, and participatory observations. Furthermore, the results of the observations were analysed together with the data obtained through interviews and document analysis to answer the research problems. Discipline as self-awareness is to comply with all applicable rules to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. Discipline will foster enthusiasm and sincerity to do the duties and obligations. Discipline has great benefits to shape personality. Therefore, discipline must be applied in education to form personality. The main personality is reflected in one's awareness to understand the rules and obey them seriously. Maintaining a disciplined attitude to do tasks effectively, efficiently, and run a predetermined schedule, always greet and say hello to friends, relatives, and other people. This is clear evidence of the development of the values in Al-Fatihah. All students, educators, or education staff has a duty to try and apply discipline seriously in daily life, so that they have strong and firmed characters that will colour the whole activity to build madrasa culture.




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Rokhman , R. A. ., In’am , A. ., & Habibi, I. (2022). Al-Fatihah-based discipline actualisation to shape the students’ character: Case study at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Model Bojonegoro, Indonesia. AMCA Journal of Religion and Society, 2(1), 1–8.