The impact of e-Learning utilization on students’ learning achievement in Basic of English grammar course


  • Arman Arman
  • Abdul Hakim Yassi
  • Ria Jubhari



E-learning, Grammar, Learning Achievement


This research aims to find out the impact of using e-Learning on students' learning achievement and discover the perspective of students on using e-Learning in basic English grammar course UIN Alauddin Makassar. The population of this research consisted of 106 students, of which 25 were taken from the English education department 1 and 2 as experimental group and 25 students from English education department 3 and 4 as controlled group. The method that was used in this research was quasi-experimental, pre-test, post-test controlled group design. The research result indicated that there was a difference between the students' post-test in the experimental group and the controlled group in basic English grammar courses. It could be seen from the t-test that the value of the t-test obtained sig. 0.01 < 0.05.  It meant that there were significant differences between the two groups. From the results of the data analysis of students' responses, it was found that it was positive for e-learning because of the percentage of students who scored 80%. From the results of the questionnaire, it was found that most of the students were interested, motivated and agreed to use e-learning in studying grammar. Based on the finding and discussion of the research, the researcher recommended that there was an impact on Students learning achievement and an improvement in students ability on the Basic of English Grammar Course after using e-Learning. In Addition, students are also interested, motivated, and agreed to use e-Learning in studying grammar.




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Arman, A., Yassi, A. H., & Jubhari, R. (2022). The impact of e-Learning utilization on students’ learning achievement in Basic of English grammar course. AMCA Journal of Education and Behavioral Change, 2(1), 7–12.