The speech disfluency in Ellen degeneres talk show: A psycholinguistics study


  • Silvana Hermawan



Psycholinguistics, Speech Disfluency, Talk Show


This study aimed: (1) to find out the various types of speech disfluency occurred in Ellen DeGeneres Show conversation and (2) to reveal the dominant types of speech disfluency during the conversation. This research was descriptive qualitative and quantitative research. Population of the research was the whole speakers’ utterances on Ellen DeGeneres Show until season 15. There were ten segments from nine episodes in season 13-15 as the samples which were chosen by purposive sampling technique. These data were collected by downloading the video from YouTube. The writers identified and classified the utterances into speech disfluency types based on Yarrus and Reardon’s theory, then calculated its frequency and percentage. The results show that not all speech disfluency types which are proposed by Yarrus and Reardon appear in all speaker. The case frequencies and the types that occur are 119 (31,04%) for Interjections, 95 (22,392%) for Repetitions which consists of 36 (8,96%) for Phrase Repetition, 1 (0,23%) for Multisyllabic Whole Word Repetition, 40 (10,212%) for Monosyllabic Whole Word Repetition, 18 (4,53%) for Stuttered Disfluencies, and Revision is at 32 (8,23%). Therefore, from the 246 speech disfluency cases which are uttered by the speaker in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the most dominant type belongs to Interjections.




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Hermawan, S. (2022). The speech disfluency in Ellen degeneres talk show: A psycholinguistics study. AMCA Journal of Education and Behavioral Change, 2(1), 32–38.